19 March 2011

Local News Highlights

Newsworthy is a relative term
Six real headlines from the local newspaper, Der Ybbstaler. One is fake, see if you guess which!

"Vandalism at Schnabelberg: Viewing Platform Badly Damaged with Chainsaw"

"Fifty Tons Artificial Manure Stolen"

"Guesthouse Death Continues: Waidhofen's Gastronomy in Crisis"

"Foreigners Seen J-Walking: Police Take Action"

"Rolling Stones Drummer Charlie Watts Rocks Amstetten"

"His and Hers Ski Race Planned at the Forsteralm: Costumes Mandatory."

"One Night Around the World: Boy Scout Ball 2011 - Ball Pleasure of a Special Type."

Answer to be included in the next update.  Please feel free to post your guesses as comments.

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