18 November 2010

Things That Are Not Free in Austria

Although the following are usually free (or kostenlos) in the United States, they are often non-free in Austria:
The 0 Euro Coin, official currency of Greece

-Public restrooms
-Grocery bags
-Shopping carts
-Bread at restaurants
-Tap water

Then again, the following are free in Austria, but decidedly non-free in the United States:

-Prescription Drugs

Tomorrow I am headed to the Austrian province of Burgenland to reunite with some other American teaching assistants.  More on my travels on Monday.


  1. Scott. Your blog is great. Come back to NMH next summer and I will beat you at cribbage.

  2. mustard is, in my observation, in fact more likely to be free than ketchup. don't know why, but that sounds like a good fulbright grant idea.

    and i always win at cribbage.

  3. leitungswasser ist in deutschland kostenlos! oessterreich...

  4. leitungswasser ist in österreich genau so kostenlos wie in deutschland. auch ketchup ist in den österreichischen gasthäusern bzw. in restaurants auch großteils gratis. man zahlt für ketchup in amerikanischen ketten wie zum beispiel bei macdonalds...