28 May 2012

What should I name my bike?

A Giant Defy 2 in need of a name

Since I first got my new bike over two months ago, I've been dreaming up potential names for my new conveyance.  I've decided to open myself up to the power of crowd-sourcing and allow my human blog readers to make the final choice for me.  See the poll to the right to cast your vote from among these contenders, or leave other ideas in the comments:

1. "Red Stripe"
Pro: This was the "working title" of my bike during my training season since it has a red stripe along the top tube.  It's also the name of a beer and a Providence restaurant.
Con: It's a gender-neutral, which could lead to some confusing situations when my bike grows up. 

2. "Unique Potential"
Pro: Shout-out to the Hyde School.
Con: Kind of a mouthful

3. "I'll Have Another"
Pro: Name of the horse who won both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, and may become the first Triple Crown winner in 34 years on Saturday.  Plus the name seems fitting for my second cross-country trip.
Con: "I'll Have Another" could lose the Belmont Stakes and become a historical footnote.

In the running: "Crank Lloyd Wright"
4. "Levon Helmet" ("Levon" for short)
Pro: Name would honor the recently-deceased musical legend Levon Helm.  Also it's a pun.
Con: People unfamiliar with Levon Helm might think it's a dorky joke about leaving your helmet on.

5. "Black-eyed Sally"
Pro: Famous restaurant in Hartford, cool name for a bike.
Con: No particular connection to my bike.

6. "Crank Lloyd Wright"
Pro: Punny.
Con: It's a mouthful.  Plus Frank Lloyd Wright was a real bastard. 

1 comment:

  1. I like the idea of honoring Levon Helm on a Trans-American journey. I can't think of any other band that articulates key themes of American history quite as well as The Band did (even though all the other band members, besides Helm, were Canadian haha). - Dustin