15 June 2012

A Profile of My Co-Leaders

A collage of me and my co-leaders.
Each Bike & Build trip is led by four highly-qualified, talented, and (most often) attractive young adults.  Two days into our "Leader Orientation," I've gotten to know these folks pretty well. Here's the scoop on my three co-leaders.

Kristen: An avid cyclist and native Californian, Kristen is doing Bike & Build in order to get back home without burning any fossil fuels, which in the Bay Area are known as "The Milk of Mother Gaia."  She is quite knowledgeable about all things sustainable, vegetarian, and organic, but seems overwhelmed by the foreign East Coast environment she finds herself in, most notably Dunkin' Donuts and people who don't compost.  (Photo is top-right)

Morgan: Fresh out of Grinnell College, Morgan is a retired varsity swimmer who is delaying her entrance to the real world by biking.  Her passions include human rights, Iowa, and lifting with her legs.  Her vision is immaculate and she is anal retentive to the max.  She is in charge of organizing all our receipts.  (Photo is bottom-left, atop crocodile)

Collin: At just 21 years-old, Collin is the baby of the group, but without question the best at backing up the trailer.  Collin chopped his lacrosse flow in preparation for the summer so that Kristen wouldn't mistake him for a Republican.  His post-trip plan is to work as a deckhand in San Diego for $5 a day - a significant raise from working as a trip leader.  (Photo is bottom-right)

What a great group to work with!

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