28 June 2012

What's the Deal with Port Jervis??

Hello and greetings from Mt. Pocono, PA!  Today we road around 55 miles into town from Port Jervis, NY, with a grueling 6 mile climb to cap things off.  Just the same, I got into our host around 1 P.M., much earlier than usual, and had some time to blog.
The Historic Erie Turntable - shockingly devoid of tourists

Our last stop was in Port Jervis, NY, a formerly relevant train and canal hub, now scarcely populated by weirdos, squatters, and elderly folk who like to stand on their porches and glare at passers-by.  Here are some of the more unusual things I noticed about the town.

-The town's major attraction is the Historic Erie Turntable (seen right).  It is 120 feet of train track on top of a big lazy susan that used to be used to turn trains around.  It is one of the largest of its kind still around.  When I asked a local about it, she responded, "Oh you went and saw that did you?"  The other turntable in town was filled in and now serves as the foundation to a Burger King.

-I went to a bar called "Dad's Change of Pace" where I saw, among other things, a drag queen and a man's genitalia.

-The children in town made goat sounds at several of our female riders.

-A second-hand clothes store through me out because "nothing was for sale."

-The bike mechanic in town did not know how to make repairs to bikes. 

Overall Port Jervis felt like an episode of the Twilight Zone and we were sure to lock all our host's doors before calling it a night.

A gratuitous photo of me and the riders at our last build day.
What a good-looking bunch.

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