09 November 2010

Things I See While Jogging

So I've finally settled on a fixed course that I use just about every day to go running.  It's about 6 or 7 kilometers long and it offers a number of truly amusing sites.  Some are delightfully Austrian and some are just charming in their own right.  I usually run by:

Waidhofen's Cool Viaduct

-A self-service schnapps bar
-A fresh milk automat (milk appears to come directly from cows)
-Two cemetaries, one of which is adjacent to a retirement home
-A cool viaduct
-A restaurant that advertises "Five Euro Schnitzel Wednesdays"
-Three traffic circles
-A full-time castle, part-time nightclub
-A mountain
-Packs of older Austrians who seem to love their Nordic walking sticks, but also seem to ingore proper Nordic walking technique

I question the necessity of using poles.
And as a follow-up to my last post, the castle club night was a fun and successful adventure.  I have collected some real, live Austrian friends, one of whom taught me my new favorite German word and today's offering - das Kuddelmuddel.  It's an unbelievably adorable word for a mess or a mix-up, especially one that a child would create. 

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