01 July 2012

Pennsylvania: Now with Amish

Much like us cyclists, the Amish use
reflective safety triangles to stay visible
on the road and protect themselves
from aggressive Pennsylvanians.
Yesterday's ride from Berwick, PA to State College, PA was a fantastic Bike & Build day for a number of reasons:

-It was our first century ride (100+ miles).  Actually is was more like 97.2, but I went around the block a couple of times to cap it off.

-We had two lunch stops because of the day's extreme mileage and heat.  At second lunch (the best meal of the day), we had farm fresh cheese, peaches, meats, and raspberry shrub.  The food was donated by a Bike & Build alum and his parents and we ate in an Amish-built barn.

-I passed a horse and buggy on my bike.

-A nice Amish lady gave me two free bandanas "to help control my sweat issues."  I guess my sweat issues were quite apparent.
My new favorite road sign - "Truck Use Low Gear"

-We ended the day in State College and showered in the notorious Penn State locker rooms.  The ghost of Joe Paterno is still heavy on the town. 

-We had some major descents (see photo). 

Next is Johnstown, PA, then a day off in Pittsburgh, then Ohio and beyond

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  1. Hi Scott -- I heard about your group through a message from Habitat for Humanity in Amarillo, TX requesting help with meals, etc. I read with much amusement your post about Port Jervis, NY. You see, my husband and I set a goal several years ago to run in all 50 states. That goal is the reason we planned our running trips around places close to state lines. We actually stayed on night in Port Jervis because of its location on the state line. We were able to run in NY, NJ and PA the following morning. And -- we saw the turntable (part of the big self-guided Port Jervis tour)! Ha. Anyway, you guys are doing a great job and I plan to follow your trip until completion. I will bring some amazing homemade gluten free sugar cookies for your group while you are in Amarillo. Be safe!!!