20 July 2012

Top Ten Statements Heard on the Bike

Greetings from Springfield, MO - "The Queen Cities of the Ozarks."  To give a good summary of what my day-to-day life is like, here's what we actually spend our time talking about.

Mileage is also a hot topic.  60 is relatively low.
1. "I'm out of water!"
2. "It's probably all downhill from here."
3. "It's so hot!"
4. "Are we lost?"
5. "Oh, God."
6. "I never blog anymore."
7. "Wanna DM that?"
8. "My pee is getting dangerously yellow."
9. "When's lunch?"
10. "When's second lunch?"

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  1. Hi, My name is Dorothea Ettman and I am the mother of a ME2SB2011 rider, Melissa Ettman. I just sent a box out to your group for pick-up in Yukon OK. If someone in your group is a little light in the mail department please have them open it. It has snacks and a little fun.
    I picked you randomly as you seem to have regular internet access and hopefully will get this before a strange box arrives. Ride Safe. Thanks,
    Dorothea KRE@juno.com