25 July 2012

What I Ate Today

Cramming my face on Route 66
Greetings from Chandler, Oklahoma!  Although I eat quite a bit each and every day, day was an exceptional day in terms of food.  Here's a summary of how much grub it took me to get through the day.

Breakfast: 3 pancakes, 1 cup coffee, 1 glass milk, 1 piece fritatta, 1 banana

Lunch: 1 veggie Chipotle burrito (thanks to Morgan for getting these donated), 1 orange, 1 bag animal crackers, 1 big piece coffee cake

Second Lunch: 23 scoops vanilla ice cream

*(Today is my friend Alyssa's 23rd birthday, and she challenged each of us to eat 23 scoops of ice cream during the day.  When we stopped at a famous place called the Rock Cafe in Stroud, Oklahoma I decided to order it all at once and have at.  My stomach remained intact and I was even able to ride the last 15 miles without booting).

Dinner: 2 plates spaghetti with red sauce, 3 pieces garlic bread, 1 large salad, 2 brownies, 1 bunch grapes

Post-Dinner: 1 piece cake, several handfuls trail mix

Water: Approximately 8 liters

If anyone can estimate how many calories this is, I'm very curious, so please leave a comment!  I eat about this much most days and somehow I have still lost 7 pounds since the trip started. 

1 comment:

  1. Nearly 7000. Of which half is accounted for by the ice cream and the chipotle burrito.

    happy riding!